Upcoming SME IPO_Jash Engineering Limited


Issue Details

Issue opens 28th September 2017
Issue Closes 3rd October 2017
Issue Price 115-120
Lot Size 1200
Issue Size 48 Crore
Lead Manager Systematix Corporate Services Limited
Registrar Linkintime India Private Limited
Platform NSE

Promoters Group

The promoters of our company are Mr. Laxminandan Amin, Mr. Pratik Patel, Mrs Bharafi Patel and Mr. Harsh Patel which holds aggregate of 30.09% of pre offer issued, Subscribed and paid up equity capital of the Company.

Overview of Business

The Company is engaged in manufacturing of water hermes h belt control gates, flap valves, knife gates valves, energy click here dissipating valves and coarse screens,  screening conveying equipment, hydro hermes h belts power screw generator, screw pump and process equipment. The company offers a single stop solution undeer one roof including Design, casting, Fabrication, Assembly & testing and provides the most varied range of these products in largest possible sizes.

Object of the ISSUE

(Rs. in Lakhs)
Sr. No. Particulars Amount
1 Working Capital Requirements 900
2 Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities 193.48
3 Acquasition of Land and Set up of New Plant 859.14
4 General Corporate Purpose 359.45
Total 2312.07

Overview of Consolidated Financials

(Rs. in Lakhs)
Particulars 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
Total Revenue 1225.08 882.72 576.73 737.86 544.38
Total Asset 640.72 734.05 541.24 402.84 340.53
Groups Share ebay hermes h bracelet unboxing nerf
of Net Profit
117.65 97.68 45.16 63.48 66.82

List of Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

  1. Shivpad Engineers Private Limited, India
  2. Jash USA Inc, USA
  3. Mahr Maschinenbau Gambh, Austria
  4. Engineering and Manufacturing Jash Limited, Hong Kong

Financial Ratios

  1. EPS : 10.98 ( Standalone Basis) , 10.72 ( Consolidated basis)
  2. PE Ratio: 11
  3. RONW: 11.77%( Standalone Basis) , 12.26%( Consolidated basis)
  4. NAV per Share: 93.30 ( Standalone Basis) , 87.44 ( Consolidated basis)

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