Forthcoming_IPO_ Apollo Micro Systems Limited

Apollo Micro Systems Limited IPO Detail

Issue Detail:

Issue Open Date

Jan  10th , 2018 Price Band :

Rs 270 – Rs 275


Issue Open Date

Jan 12th , 2018 Minimum Bid Qty :



Discount of Rs 12 is offered to RII and Employee.

Issue Structure: 50% QIB, 15% NII, and 35% Retail.

Objective :

The objects of the issue are:
1. To meet additional working capital requirement of the Company
2. General corporate purposes

 Business Description :

 Incorporated in 1997, Apollo Micro Systems Limited is Hyderabad based company engaged in the business of electronic, electro-mechanical, engineering designs, manufacturing and supply. Company design, develop and sell high-performance, mission and time critical solutions to Defense, Space and Home Land Security for Ministry of Defense, government controlled public sector undertakings and private sectors.

Apollo Micro Systems offers custom built COTS (Commercially off-the shelf) solutions based on specific requirements to defense and space customers. Company has participated in several Indigenous Missile programs, underwater electronic warfare, underwater missiles, surface to air missiles, nuclear missile programs, surface to surface missile programs, indigenous submarine programs UAV’s long and short endurance, ships, space programs.

Company’s manufacturing facility is located at Hyderabad.

Company Promoters:

Mr. Karunakar Reddy Baddam is the promoter of the company.

Company Financials:

Particulars For the year/period ended (in Rs. million)


31-Mar-16 31-Mar-15 31-Mar-14



Total Assets

2,458.57 2,029.58 1,347.19 849.16



Total Revenue

2,117.99 1,595.32 1,087.68 728.82


Profit After Tax 185.71 100.01 74.48 53.34



Company Contact Information :

Apollo Micro Systems Limited
Plot No 128/A, Road No. 12,
BEL Road, IDA Mallapur, Uppal Mandal,
Hyderabad– 500 076
Phone: +91 40 2716 7000
Fax: +91 40 2715 0820

IPO Registrar :

Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd

E-2 & 3,

Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki-Vihar Road,

Sakinaka, Andheri(E), Mumbai – 400 072

Phone: 91-22-40430200

Fax: 91-22-2847 5207



IPO Lead Manager(s) :

  • Aryaman Financial Services limited

Markets Sentiment_06.01.2018

Markets started the year on a very tepid note. For the first few sessions it gave up a lot of ground. Low volumes and holiday season did not see much action. Sentiment although was buoyant owing to global conditions. Almost all global markets are at record highs. There is a global wave of bull run that has gripped all markets. Dow topped 25k, Nasdaq 7k. In Asia Nikkei scaled 1k points in 2 days. Hong Kong was at multi-decade high. Nifty rose a percent point in the week gone by. Sentiment in our own market is tepid but bullish. Close was very strong. A day’s correction was bought into. Midcaps are again on steroids.

Technically speaking Nifty is in a make or break level. If this close of 10550+ is sustained on a daily basis next week, we can expect a runaway gap till about 10600-700. There will be short covering and squeezing. Very short-term support stands at 10480. A trade below this level in the very short-term can drag the Nifty lower. A sustained close above 10550 will lead to the short-term floor shifting from 10k to 10.5k! Keep an eye on the volumes as they are bound to pick up next week as all participants become fully active.

Fundamentally multiples are still and continue to remain stretched. P/E. P/Bv you name them are at historical highs. There are no negative news flows. It almost seems to complacent the investing environment. One has to be very cautious in trading in the current environment. Some exogenous shock can drag the market lower. The only question is when? Having said that structural bull market remains intact. A healthy correction is still to be seen.

Sector Speak – Metals will continue their bull run. Keep an eye on metal stocks. Nifty Metals should continue to hit new highs. Nifty IT index is at a pivotal level. An upward break is expected as momentum is on the bull side. Keep an eye on Infosys. Nifty Bank continues to be weak. Unless a clean break above 26k is seen, avoid the stocks.

Weekly Markets Sentiment_31.12.2017

Markets closed mildly in the positive zone on the last trading day of the year. Sentiment is buoyant. Nifty and Sensex both closed near all time highs. Elections and all major news flow were out the way and bulls had the upper hand through out the FII holiday season. It will be interesting to see at the dawn of the new year how markets perform going into the crucial January month.

Technically speaking, Nifty is near critical levels. 10500 needs to be broken decisively. Nifty is hovering near the zone but in unable to penetrate it. Twice has the index reversed from that area. Momentum seems to be indicating that it will break out and make a new high. Fatigue is seen although near the congestion zone. 10k becomes a rock solid intermediate support in the future. A decisive close and break out of 10550 will make a new bottom for the market. Base will shift a whopping 500 points upwards. Short term the bulls have some steam left. 10470 seems to be a good support.

Fundamentally, we are still in extremely overbought zone. Multiples are stretched and valuations in some stocks looks frothy. Such circumstances call for extreme caution in asset allocation. Forced buying of stocks is a strict no. Sitting on cash seems a smart choice. At historical high valuations one needs to wait for results and then take a deep dive.  With results season underway it will be interesting to see where the markets head.

Sector watch – Metals is the strongest bet out there. Nifty metals after a steep correction is bound to hit new highs. Keep a watch on its constituents. Bank is a laggard. Nifty bank is still way below it’s all time high. This divergence is something market players are keeping a tab on. Nifty IT seems to have a clean break. Keep an eye on this space as some sparks are bound to fly.

Markets Weekly Sentiment_16.12.2017

Markets were volatile. Sentiment was affected due to the ongoing Gujarat election. During the few days Nifty managed to recover strongly and close above 10300. As exit polls were due to come, market participants were on a wait and watch mode. The Gujarat election has been a sentiment driver from the past few weeks. A gap up on Friday led to a positive approach. Exit polls indicate that BJP should sail through. It will be a down to the wire scenario and Monday is likely to be the D-day for the near term trend in the markets.

Technically speaking Nifty is above last top of 10330. It has closed mildly above that. Immediate resistance stands at 10400 and a trend reversal point is 10500. On the lower side 10200 is the 50 day EMA, however that will not hold any relevance in the volatility give Monday’s outcome. 10150 should provide a near term support, which if breached can take Nifty towards 10000.

Fundamentally, multiples are elevated. Not a good time to be picking the index. Having said that sentiment and liquidity can over power the fundamentals for a very long time. FII’s have continued to pull out money. DII’s are still partying with retail SIPs. A 130+ seats victory for BJP will give fuel to the rally all bulls will be waiting for. It will be a sentiment driven market next week.

US closed with mildly a positive bias. FED, on expected lines, increased the interest rates. Dow continues to climb impossible levels and sits pretty at all time highs. Cryptomania continues and that segment is ripe for a scam or a bubble. Globally it seems crypto currencies are out playing all other asset classes.

Sector watch – Metals space should heat up. Watch out for its constituents as Nifty metal may begin a short-term up move towards it’s all time high.

Weekly Markets Sentiment_09.11.2017

Markets had a volatile week. Falling for 3 days in a row, markets came back strongly on Thursday & Friday. Nifty hit a low of 10033 before bouncing back. Sentiment was hit hard by the election and global sell off. Gujarat goes into election mode. It will be worth seeing the results as the expectations and consensus is split wide open. Due to the confused sentiment markets behaved the same way. Another non event that markets needed to let go was the RBI policy. No rate change and no hawkish comments. Upward risk to inflation kept policy makers busy.

Technically speaking Nifty has covered a lot of ground from the lows. It breached previous supports and was dangerously lurking below previous lows of 10080. Next stop given the momentum can be 10330 before a breather can be expected. Pull back has been strong. Nifty needs a weekly close above 10409 to reverse the weekly down trend of lower lows and lower highs. This weeks low of 10033 becomes a good support.

Fundamentals are unfazed. Multiples continue to remain elevated. What has changed over the last two weeks is FII’s stance. Cash and future both have been sold heavily. As a matter of fact FII’s are net short the market. DII’s on the other hand continue to pour in money. It will be crucial to get Gujarat elections out-of-the-way before any meaningful things can be plotted.

Globally, the DOW and US markets held up well. Asian selling for now has stopped. Sentiment has stabilized. FED in all likely hood is bound to raise the interest rates and that seems to be sinking into the prices. Tech stocks are beginning to look rocky. They may be topping out. After almost a fabulous run most part of 2017 – the ‘December anomaly”  is expected to play out.

Sector speak – Keep an eye of metal stocks. Nifty metal has seen a 10% correction. Should the recent lows of 3520 hold we can see a revival of the bullish trend. Also Nifty Infra looks promising post the recent moves. Keep an eye of Infra stocks for revival.

Ongoing SME IPO_ Dynamic Cables Limited

SME IPO : Dynamic Cables Limited

Issue Detailes:

Issue Opens 4-Dec-17
Issue Closes 6-Dec-17
Issue Price 40
Lot Size 3000
Issue Size 23.376 Cr
Lead Manager Hem Securities Limited
Registrar Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd
Platform BSE SME

Registered Office:

F-260, Road No. 13 VKI Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302013 India



Profile of the Company:

Our Company, Dynamic Cables Private Limited was incorporated in April 03, 2007 by conversion of partnership firm “M/s Ashish Fluxes and Chemicals with its branch M/s Dynamic Engineer” under part IX of Companies Act, 1956. Pursuant to the conversion from private limited company to public limited company, our name was changed to “Dynamic Cables Limited” vide fresh certificate of incorporation dated August 22, 2017 received from the Registrar of Companies, Rajasthan, Jaipur. We are engaged in manufacturing of Cables and Conductors which widely include manufacturing of Low Voltage and HighVoltage Power Cables, Aerial Bunched Cables, All Aluminium Conductor (A.A.C.), All Aluminium Alloy Conductor (A.A.A.C.), Aluminium conductor steel reinforced (A.C.S.R.) Conductors and Service Drop Cables used for transmission and distribution of Electricity. Our manufacturing facilities are distributed in three units located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with following scope of activities,
 Unit I – located at: F-259 & F-260, Road No. 13 VKI Area Jaipur 302013, Rajasthan, India
 Unit II – located at: B-308, Road No. 16, VKI Area, Jaipur 302013, Rajasthan
 Unit III – located at: H-581-A to H-592-A & H1 -601 (B), Road No. 6, VKI Area, Jaipur 302013, Rajasthan

Objects Of the Company:

  1. To Meet Working Capital requirements
  2. To Meet General Corporate Expenses
  3. To Meet Issue Expenses


30-06-2017 16-17 15-16 14-15 13-14 12-13
total Assets 21259.27 17594.11 16146.08 13318.98 10269.43 9380.19
tottal reveue 8884.96 30214.63 26979.93 26211.82 19916.98 17736.48
PAT 204.84 792.04 679.71 253.75 157.08 52.03
DEBT 8059.15 5306.02 6605.31 2988.64 2192.88 2071.49


EPS : 5.11

P/E : 7.83

RoNW : 19.18%

NAV/share : 29.37


Weekly Market Sentiment_02.12.2017

Markets had a turbulent week. Sentiment was soured by the sell off. Nifty cracked over 300 points. Expiry week did not live up to any bullish expectations. Starting off from Korea and leading to global FII sell off markets took a 2.5% hit. GDP numbers were as expected. 6.3% growth came in after a wait of nearly 5 quarters. Fiscal deficit although is likely to surpass government annual target. Mid-caps fought well although gave up finally in the Friday sell off.

Technically, Nifty is at pivotal support. Last low of 10094 is going to be tested. Closing has come below 50d EMA around 10200. This is a negative sign. One has to watch Monday’s action. 10400 & 10500 are the levels to cross for any upmove to happen. On the hourly charts, Nifty looks a bit oversold. A short-term bounce cannot be ruled out next week. If sentiments do not degrade further, Nifty can reclaim 10200 levels by next week.

Fundamentally, a 2-3% correction does not mean anything. Barely it will bring down the multiples. Nifty is still around peak valuations. Historically high valuations do not bode well. Exogenous shocks are always a threat and even minor dents in sentiment can send markets for a toss. GDP number was encouraging. Growth reversed after 5 quarters of decline. Not much can be read of it, but would be worthy if it sustains for a couple of more quarters. With Gujarat elections coming markets will be on its toes.

Globally, decoupling was witnessed. Dow was up almost 600 points, NASDAQ cracked by 1-2% and rest of the world was not even close to matching US stock market performance. Towards the end of the week, impeachment news soured the sentiment. However, the DOW recovered almost all of its lost 300 points. FED policy, Trumpeachment will keep US markets volatile. Asia does not look good either. Sell off in Heng Seng market coupled with FII selling across Asia has led to subdued prices.

Sector views – Nifty Bank is right at is 50D EMA and double top support at 25100-200 zone. Keep an eye on its constituents. This will be the make or break sector. Nifty Energy is showing similar patterns to that of Nifty Bank. It is likely to take support and may be even reverse. All major indices are near critical short-term supports. A break of another 0.5-1% of these supports will create a further sell off. One has to trade the bounce with caution.

Weekly Markets Sentiment_25.11.2017

Markets closed the week up about 1%. Sentiment was sluggish throughout the week. Moody’s upgrade did lift sentiments a lot. However, markets seem to look forward to other triggers now. Result season is almost on the end and all major earnings have come out. Between RCOM’s negative news and Moody’s positive upgrade, participants in markets seem confused. Midcaps and Smallcaps continue to attract a lot of attention and sentiment seems very bullish there. IPO frenzy seems to have subsided as tepid listings gave a bad rub off to sentiments. Markets move into perhaps a very critical trigger mode – Gujarat elections.

Technically speaking, Nifty has rebounded from crucial supports. Its 50D EMA stands at 10186 which was the double top it broke. 10100 is your medium term support. A break down of that will trigger the much awaited deep correction. On the upside 10500 needs a clear breakout. Over the short run, Nifty kept oscillating between 10300-10380. Momentum was very sluggish as traders perhaps do not want to punt on either side of the market. A slow move towards the 10500 is expected as clarity emerges on election sentiments.

Fundamentally, like before markets are over valued. Multiples are stretched beyond imagination. Sentiment is such that people are comparing the situation to pre 2008 crisis. Results have been ordinary, some pockets although have given green shoots. GDP numbers and monetary policy will give further fundamental triggers. FII’s have been passive sellers and DII’s continue there dream run of collecting domestic money and pumping it in the markets. Value is scarce in the market.

Globally, thanksgiving played out nicely in US. China did scare Asia as stocks took a hit due to some bubble commentary. Overnight sentiments remain stable and no major fundamental reason exists. Globally markets should continue to scale new highs. Dow sits pretty at 23500+, NASDAQ above 2600. VIX is at all time near low and complacency has set in. A word of caution needs to be sent here.

Sector views – Nifty Energy index looks to hit new highs and should hit 14600+. Keep an eye on its constituents. Nifty IT is at a critical junction. Sentiment can take it above 11300 towards 11500.

Upcoming SME IPO_Silver Touch Technologies Limited


Issue Details

Issue opens 20th November 2017
Issue Closes 24th November 2017
Issue Price 121
Lot Size 1000
Issue Size 40.22 Crore
Lead Manager Chartered Capital And Investment Limited
Registrar Link Intime India Private Limited
Platform NSE

Promoters & Promoter Group

The Promoters group comprises of Mr. Vipul H Thakkar, Mr. Jignesh A Patel, Mr. Manish V Doshi and Mr. Palak V Shah.

Overview of Business

Company was founded in 1995 with a view to deliver our clients with the information technology solutions in the fields of System Integration and Software Services. It has grown with its global clientele and now it is into multiple areas like System Integration & Software Development. Company is providing all end to end information and communication technology solution to its clients under a single umbrella.

Object of the ISSUE

The company will not receive any proceeds from the offer and all proceeds from the offer shall go to the selling Share holders . The total expenses of the offer are estimated to be approx 51 Lakh.

Overview of Financials

(Rs. in Lakhs)
Particulars 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
Total Revenue 11987.35 13905.03 11585.17 10869.57 8086.28
Total Asset 7488.17 10598.91 8434.14 7680.3 5450.07
 Net Profits 420.89 300.1 211.32 602.99 461.4

Financial Ratios 

  1. EPS : 3.76 ( Standalone Basis) , 3.62 ( Consolidated basis)
  2. PE Ratio: 32.18
  3. RONW: 11.07%( Standalone Basis) , 10.86%( Consolidated basis)
  4. NAV per Share: 32.02 ( Standalone Basis) , 31.98 ( Consolidated basis)

For Beeline Assistance Contact Us 


Morning Business News Round Up_Nov 07,2017

Morning Business News :

  • Aircel may have to wind up ops post failed RCom deal
  • Niti Aayog banks on states to push India up in HDI
  • Steel deficit causes clash over Rlys demand for imports
  • Hasmukh Adhia designated as new Finance Secretary
  • Broadcom offers to buy mobile chipmaker Qualcomm
  • HDFC Bank makes RTGS, NEFT transactions free
  • PNB to raise Rs 5,000 cr; appoints merchant bankers
  • Sebi plans further rise in public float
  • CBDT chief-led multi-agency panel to probe those named in Paradise Papers
  • PE firm Everstone Group to acquire Kenstar from debt-ridden Videocon
  • Torrent’s Unichem deal to add to its earnings after 3 years
  • India’s logistics sector likely to grow by 9-10% pa: Icra
  • Oil hits $63 a bbl, highest since 2015 on output tightening by Saudi Arabia
  • Moody’s ups Tata Steel, Tata Steel UK Holdings outlook to stable
  • SGX will launch derivative trading in Nifty 50 companies
  • Rupee drops by 19 paise to 64.74 on FII outflows
  • Recap plan for PSBs is a positive for banking system, economy: SBI chief
  • RCom signs MoU with Veecon Media for sale of Big TV
  • Tata Steel sets up green coke cooling facility in Odisha
  • Tata Chemicals to sell Haldia fertilizer plant to Indorama Holdings for Rs375 crore
  • Unichem to return 50% of proceeds from Torrent deal to shareholders
  • Khadim India IPO subscribed 1.88 times on last day

Image result for ipo

  • Bain, Carlyle in race to buy Sutures India for $425 million
  • Demonetisation: Over 20,000 ITRs picked for detailed investigation
  • Lenders to RCOM face uphill struggle after debt swap
  • Government may review monthly GST return filing process
  • Qatar Airways buys 9.6% stake in Cathay Pacific
  • SC organisation writes to PM Narendra Modi seeking higher tax slab
  • Arrange Rs 2,000 crore before next hearing, SC tells Jaypee Associates
  • Indian Oil Company blamed for Sri Lanka fuel shortage
  • Investor rush gathers steam for PSU stocks
  • Cash comes at a cost, nation moving towards digital economy: FM
  • CIL arm examining show cause notices issued by Odisha govt
  • L&T, HCC blame NHAI for delay in road building
  • HDFC MF to launch Housing Opportunities Fund on Nov 16