SME NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY, 2021 (13th Edition)

With public markets going strong, and the pandemic stressing on the significance of sound unit economics, startups are increasingly looking at Initial Public Offering (IPOs) as a likely mode of exit for its investors. The financial architecture of a lot of startups improved in the initial shock period brought about by Covid-19 and around 15-20 companies are on a credible path to go public in the next two years.

Gaming company Nazara Technologies, which filed offer documents in January 2021, has kicked off India’s tech IPO rush.

“Bigger focus for 2021” 23% startups picked profitability compared to 15% in 2019 and 21% in 2020. 42% of the startups are now in a path to turn EBITDA-PROFITABLE in one to two years.

This newsletter is prepared to provide specialized information on SME Market Segment to the all market participant. This newsletter is prepared to cover the certain events happened in the month of February, 2021.  This Newsletter covers the company listed in this month, companies migrated from SME Platform to the main board of the Stock Exchange and also the comparison of pre and post migration price. This Newsletter also covered the total number of companies listed on SME platform of both the exchanges, Draft Prospectus filed with exchange, Comparison of Stock Exchange Indices, ESOP in SME Exchange and Change in Market lot of the companies and SME Synergies.

Detailed Report on SME Initial Public Offer (IPO) for February, 2021

CompanyMRP Agro Limited
BSE Scrip Code543262
Industry Distributors
Market Lot/ Min Order Quantity 3000
Lead Manager Beeline Broking Limited
State Madhya Pradesh
Issue Size (In Rs.) 3.4 Crore
Open on Listing Date Rs. 39.75/-
IPO price Rs. 40/-
52 Week High Rs. 39.75/-
52 Week Low Rs. 35.80/-
Closing price on 28.02.2021 Rs.  36.50/-
No. of Times Subscribed 2.95 Times
Market Cap as on 28.02.2021 10.87 Crore
Date of Listing 18-02-2021
Stock Exchange BSE SME

Comparison Of MRP Agro Limited with BSE SME IPO Index and NSE SME Emerge Index

Companies Migrated to Main Board of Exchange in February, 2021

Sr. No. Name of the Company Date of Migration   State Exchange  
1 Iris Clothings Limited 22-Feb-2021 West Bengal NSE
2 AKG Exim Limited 16-Feb-21 Delhi NSE
3 Rajnandini Metal Limited 16-Feb-21 Haryana NSE

Draft Prospectus Filed with Stock Exchange

Sr. No. Name of the Company Date of Draft Prospectus State Exchange
1 V-Marc India Limited 18-Feb-2021 Uttarakhand NSE SME
2 Network People Services Technologies Limited 13-Feb-2021 Uttar Pradesh NSE SME
3 Siddhika Coatings Limited 09-Feb-2021 Delhi NSE SME
4 Jetmall Spices And Masala Limited 05-Feb-2021 Tamilnadu BSE SME

Comparisons Of Listing Price Before And After Migration

Companies Migrated from NSE SME platform to NSE Main Board

Sr. No. Name of Securities Date Before Migration (Rs.)Price as on 28.02.2021
Growth/Decline % of Growth/Decline
1 Iris Clothings Limited 22-Feb-21 59 123.25 64.25 108.90%
2 AKG Exim Limited 16-Feb-21 97.8 91.5 -6.3 -6.44%
3 Rajnandini Metal Limited 16-Feb-21 31.05 82.4 51.35 165.38%
4 Ahlada Engineers Limited 28-Jan-21 70 75.9 5.9 8.43%
5 Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited 20-Jan-21 92.1 140.95 48.85 53.04%
6 Godha Cabcon & Insulation Limited 24-Dec-20 34.6 40.4 5.8 16.76%
7 Mangalam Global Enterprise Limited 23-Dec-20 42 46 4 9.52%
8 RKEC Projects Limited 18-Dec-20 40 62.6 22.6 56.50%
9 Rudrabhishek Enterprises Limited 14-Dec-20 96 184.25 88.25 91.93%
10 Accuracy Shipping Limited 11-Dec-20 29.8 65 35.2 118.12%
11 Global Education Limited 07-Dec-20 196 48.8 -147.2 -75.10%
12 Supreme Engineering Limited 04-Dec-20 24.9 24.55 -0.35 -1.41%
13 Marine Electricals (India) Limited 02-Dec-20 191.5 62.15 -129.35 -67.55%
14 Dangee Dums Limited 13-Nov-20 92 130.2 38.2 41.52%
15 Keerti Knowledge and Skills Limited 13-Nov-20 30.9 24.5 -6.4 -20.71%
16 Aaron Industries Limited 06-Nov-20 27.5 60.6 33.1 120.36%
17 D. P. Abhushan Limited 03-Nov-20 131 122.8 -8.2 -6.26%

Companies Migrated from BSE SME platform to BSE Main Board

Sr. No. Name of Securities Date Before Migration (Rs.) Price as on 28.02.2021
Growth/Decline % of Growth/Decline
1 Aditya Vision Limited 15-Jan-21 31.9 144.65 112.75 353.45%
2 BCPL Railway Infrastructure Limited 04-Jan-21 102.95 86.85 -16.1 -15.64%
3 Palm Jewels Limited 10-Dec-20 40 49.85 9.85 24.63%
4 Gautam Gems Limited 10-Dec-20 28.65 63.3 34.65 120.94%
5 Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited 25-Nov-20 134.95 241.75 106.8 79.14%

Changes in Market Lot

Sr. No. Name of the Company Exchange Effective Date Old Market Lot New Market Lot Purpose of Change
1. United Polyfab Gujarat Limited NSE 17-Feb-2021 3000 9000 Bonus Issue

Employee Stock Option Plan

Sr. No. Name of the Company Exchange Listing Date Date of Allotment No. of Shares issued Par value Exercise Price per share
1. Thejo Engineering Limited NSE SME 04-Feb-2021 21-Jan-2021 7700 Rs. 10/- per share Rs. 153.75/-

BSE Trading And Settlement Programme For Institutional Trading Platform (ITP) – SME Segment

BSE vide its Notice Number 20210219-11 on 19-Feb-2021 had informed the stakeholders about the organization of Trading And Settlement Programme For Institutional Trading Platform (ITP) – SME Segment For Period From 01.03.2021 To 31.03.2021, the details of the program is under this link


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