A tailor – made brokerage plan – An Innovative Concept in India!

A tailor – made brokerage plan –  An Innovative  concept  in India!

With so many financial products and brokerage houses it can indeed be difficult for the investor to choose a broker that truly understands their financial plan and is quick to adapt to their thought process of investing injecting just the right amount of advice. And with the advice comes a price tag! But what if , if you got all that you can ask for in a broker,  at a brokerage plan that is Tailor-made according to your needs? Too good to be true?

Well, not anymore! Because Beeline has now introduce a revolutionary Tailor-made brokerage plan for its clients, a brokerage plan that is just right for you , giving customers an option to choose their  brokerage according to their  suitability.

Here are examples of how one might choose from the range of flexible brokerage options that is on offer:

1.Mr A can choose to opt for  the traditional brokerage plan and selected same . In other words, he can opt for a pre stipulated percentage of brokerage and paying same brokerage what he opted for himself. . For example, for every Rs 100 he may wish to pay 0.015% for intraday trading and 0.15 % for delivery transcations.

2.Mr. B on the other hand may opt to pay brokerage per order. Therefore he can use his discretion and pay Rs 8 per order.

3.Mr.C could choose to pay brokerage per lot. Therefore for every lot of shares he pays only Rs.5.

4.If an investor opts for currency trading , has the choice to opt for the  Fixed Monthly plan with Rs.699 and pay  fixed sum every month.

5.If a client has a trading account with us in the the commodities segment, they can choose any of the above options as per their convenience.

How to select a brokerage plan : Bidding Brokerage

At its very inception Beeline came with an  offering of rewards point system which converts brokerage into reward points that can be encashed by investors at various retail outlets periodically through vouchers. They have also introduce a two layer referral programme that helps any client to get additional income by just putting in a good word for the services he receives. They also introduced investor analytics on its website where an investor can examine and analyses their investment and trading pattern and take prudent action to augment their earnings.

Besides this truly modern broking outfit has a host of other benefits to offers its clients such as:

  • A responsive site to grant easy access to investors to any information anytime.

The KYC form that is easily comprehensible to the investor.

  • A mobile app that provides live RMS status and online payment facility.
  • A dedicated SME desk for those small and medium enterprises seeking guidance on IPO.
  • A systematic equity product for those who want to be disciplined in their market actions but are unable to do so because of the lack of time.
  • Automatic buying and auto debit facilities have been put in place through the network of Beeline and their tie ups with the top banks in the country.
  • IVRS system for a complete back office link that will address investor queries at any point of time.
  • Live chat facility for any investor wanting to solve his query on a real time basis.

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