The philosophy of investing

“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas!”

Paul Samuelson

If there is one common need that binds all human beings, it is the need to see their money grow! All of us care about our money and are forever looking for some magic means to enhance our portfolio! And why shouldn’t you? It's your hard earned money after all and you would like to see it work hard for you! Well, there is indeed a magic potion you can use and that is called investment.

Your portfolio is bound to grow, but only if you are patient, consistent and diligent. But that is easier said than done, for in the real world, what has been moving markets are human emotions of fear and greed. Thus, the markets have been an enigma since times immemorial. There have been many who have been lured into the market in the pursuit of “one great stock” and others who thought they could “time” the market and make a quick buck! But sooner than later their so called “clever” strategies bit the dust and they lost their shirt in the markets!

What then should be your formula? How do you master the markets? The truth is, you should not try to, since the markets can be as unpredictable as you can possibly imagine. The trick lies in using an investment philosophy based on your personal characteristics, your financial wherewithal, your beliefs about the markets and finally financial goals.

In summary, therefore it can be said that at the heart of successful investing lies a choice of an investment philosophy that defines you as an individual. Here at Beeline Broking, our investment philosophy is based on the belief that preservation is what leads to the accumulation of wealth over time and we help you construct your portfolio based on your personal needs, ideas and belief. We welcome you to family Beeline and we promise to lead you to success in your motive to see your money grow over time with us.

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