WPI Inflation Data_February 2016

  • India’s WPI inflation fell 0.91% in Feb vs 0.96% fall in Jan
  • WPI food articles at 3.35% in February vs 6.02% rise in January
  • WPI Primary articles 1.58% rise in February vs 4.63% rise in January
  • WPI pulses price up 38.84% in February vs 44.91% rise in January
  • WPI vegetables price declines 3.34% in February vs 12.52% rise in January
  • WPI egg, meat and fish prices up 3.47% in February vs 5.69% rise in January
  • WPI onion price decline 13.22% in February vs 5.51% rise in January
  • WPI fuel and power inflation declines 6.40% in February vs 9.21% fall in January
  • WPI manufactured products growth declines 0.58% in February vs 1.17% fall in January


“Inflation is taking up the poverty line, and poverty is not just economic but defined by way of health and education”

-Azim Premji


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