SME NEWSLETTER OCTOBER, 2021 (21st Edition)

BSE has signed a MoU with HDFC Bank to encourage and promote listing of SMEs and small companies across India.

Through this MoU, HDFC Bank and BSE shall evaluate banking and lending solutions for companies undergoing listing process on the platform. HDFC Bank will identify potential SMEs and startups to help them to partner with intermediaries like merchant bankers, chartered accountants and lawyers to list on BSE. Both the parties have agreed to conduct and participate in joint outreach activities and contribute to each other’s publications on the ecosystem.

Banks have sanctioned loans worth Rs. 63,574 crore to about 13.84 lakh borrowers in a fortnight under the credit outreach programme through 10,580 camps held across the country.

As on October 31, 2021, the total ₹ 528.55 Crore raised through SME IPO in India and total 43 Companies were listed. Out of these 43 companies, 16 companies listed on NSE Emerge Platform, 22 companies listed on BSE SME Platform and 5 companies listed on BSE Start-Up Platform.

Merchant Banker and Market Maker

Total SME Companies Listed

Detailed Report on SME Initial Public Offer (IPO) for October, 2021

Name of Company   D. K. Enterprises Global Limited Samor Reality Limited Dynamic Services & Security Limited Destiny Logistics & Infra Limited CWD Limited Adishakti Loha and Ispat Limited
Date of Listing 22-Oct-21 13-Oct-21 13-Oct-21 13-Oct-21 13-Oct-21 13-Oct-21
Stock Exchange where listed NSE Emerge BSE SME NSE Emerge NSE Emerge BSE StartUp BSE SME
Industry Manufacturing Realty Outsourcing Services Logistics Consumer Electronics Iron and Steel
State Haryana Gujarat West Bengal West Bengal Maharashtra Delhi
Issue Size 7.99 Crore 8.06 Crore 24.13 Crore 5.39 Crore 18.01 Crore 2 Crore
Market Lot/ Min Order Quantity 3000 2000 2000 6000 800 10000
No. of Times Subscribe 12.50 1.74 1.94 4.78 1.31 1.84
Lead Manager Beeline Broking Limited Beeline Broking Limited Finshore Management Services Limited Finshore Management Services Limited Aryaman Financial Services Limited Turnaround Corporate Advisors Private Limited
IPO price ₹ 40/- ₹ 62/- ₹ 51/- ₹ 20/- ₹ 180/- ₹ 11/-
Open on Listing Date ₹ 42/- ₹ 64.80/- ₹ 53/- ₹ 20.70/- ₹ 180.90/- ₹ 12/-
52 Wk High ₹ 44.10/- ₹ 65/- ₹ 55.65/- ₹ 20.70/- ₹ 270.90/- ₹ 12/-
52 Wk Low ₹ 31.90/- ₹ 59.05/- ₹ 36.60/- ₹ 14.60/- ₹ 180/- ₹ 5.90/-
Closing Price as on 31-10-2021 ₹ 33.55/- ₹ 64.30/- ₹ 46.70/- ₹ 16.15/- ₹ 180.10/- ₹ 6.94/-
Market Capitalization as on 31-10-2021 25.19 Crore 27.65 Crore 63.13 Crore 12.43 Crore 65.04 Crore 3.16 Crore
Name of Company   Promax Power Limited Bombay Metrics Supply Chain Limited Shri Venkatesh Refineries Limited Getalong Enterprise Limited Jainam Ferro Alloys (I) Limited
Date of Listing 12-Oct-21 12-Oct-21 11-Oct-21 08-Oct-21 08-Oct-21
Stock Exchange where listed BSE SME NSE Emerge BSE SME BSE SME NSE Emerge
Industry Construction & Engineering Engineering Edible Oils Textiles Steel
State Chandigarh Maharashtra Maharashtra Maharashtra Chhattisgarh
Issue Size 1.60 Crore 4.29 Crore 11.71 Crore 5.18 Crore 19.61 Crore
Market Lot/ Min Order Quantity 10000 1200 3000 2000 2000
No. of Times Subscribe 6.89 18.50 3.12 2.09 6.65
Lead Manager Finshore Management Services Limited Unistone Capital Private Limited Hem Securities Limited Shreni Shares Private Limited Hem Securities Limited
IPO price ₹ 10/- ₹ 93/- ₹ 40/- ₹ 69/- ₹ 70/-
Open on Listing Date ₹ 11/- ₹ 98.30/- ₹ 42/- ₹ 73.05/- ₹ 73/-
52 Wk High ₹ 17.02/- ₹ 159.90/- ₹ 53/- ₹ 80.50/- ₹ 76.65/-
52 Wk Low ₹ 11/- ₹ 98.30/- ₹ 34.15/- ₹ 61/- ₹ 69/-
Closing Price as on 31-10-2021 ₹ 13.55/- ₹ 126.50/- ₹ 42.10/- ₹ 65/- ₹ 71.25/-
Market Capitalization as on 31-10-2021 8.13 Crore 19.47 Crore 46.56 Crore 11.88 Crore 75.25 Crore

Comparison of Listed Companies with BSE SME IPO Index and NIFTY SME Emerge Index

BSE SME IPO Index with BSE Listed Companies

NIFTY SME Emerge Index with NSE Listed Companies

Draft Prospectus Filed with Stock Exchange

Sr. No. Name of the Company Date of Draft Prospectus State Exchange
1. Foce India Limited 28-Oct-2021 Maharashtra NSE Emerge
2. Euro Panel Products Limited 16-Oct-2021 Maharashtra NSE Emerge
3. Scarnose International Limited 15-Oct-2021 Gujarati NSE Emerge
4. DMR Hydroengineering & Infrastructures Limited 12-Oct-2021 Haryana BSE SME
5. Nidan Laboratories And Healthcare Limited 08-Oct-2021 Maharashtra NSE Emerge
6. Nupur Recyclers Limited 07-Oct-2021 Delhi NSE Emerge
7. SAH Polymers Limited 07-Oct-2021 Rajasthan NSE Emerge

Changes In Market Lot

Sr. No. Name of the Company Exchange Effective Date Old Market Lot New Market Lot Purpose of Change
1. KKV Agro Powers Limited NSE 22-Nov-2021 312 156 Bonus
2. Vaxtex Cotfab Limited NSE 01-Nov-2021 3000 1500
3. Priti International Limited NSE 20-Oct-2021 1600 3200 Bonus
4. Dev Information Technology Limited NSE 21-Oct-2021 3500 3000 Bonus
5. Wonder Fibromats Limited NSE 06-Oct-2021 1600 2560 Bonus

Preferential Allotment

Name of Company Date of Listing Stock Exchange Industry State Issue Size Market Lot Date of Allotment Category Purpose of Issue Issue price 52 Wk High 52 Wk Low   Closing Price as on 31-10-2021
Softtech Engineers Limited 27-10-2021 NSE Emerge IT Maharashtra 9.99 Crore 1600 08-Oct-2021 Public Funding of Project and Investment Rs. 150/- Rs. 133.40/- Rs. 74.60/- Rs. 129/-

Companies Migrated to Main Board of Exchange in October, 2021

Sr. No. Name of the Company Date of Migration State Exchange
1. Sikko Industries Limited 22-Oct-21 Gujarat NSE
2. Pansari Developers Limited 18-Oct-21 West Bengal NSE
3. Art Nirman Limited 18-Oct-21 Gujarat NSE
4. Vaksons Automobiles Limited 18-Oct-21 Delhi BSE
5. Anand Rayons Limited 14-Oct-21 Gujarat BSE
6. Airo Lam limited 13-Oct-21 Gujarat NSE
7. Euro India Fresh Foods Limited 12-Oct-21 Gujarat NSE
8. Meera Industries Limited 01-Oct-21 Gujarat BSE

Bonus Issue

Sr. No. Name of the Company No. of Securities Issued Allotment Date Ratio
1. Dev Information Technology Limited 5520500 23-Oct-2021 1:1
2. Priti International Limited 7782996 22-Oct-2021 3:1
3. KKV Agro Powers Limited 113375 19-Oct-2021 1:4
4. Thejo Engineering Limited 7094756 15-Oct-2021 2:1
5. Ace Integrated Solutions Limited 3400000 11-Oct-2021 1:2
6. HEC Infra Projects Limited 8110528 09-Oct-2021 4:1
7. Wonder Fibromats Limited 5025300 08-Oct-2021 3:5

Comparisons Of Listing Price Before And After Migration

Companies Migrated from NSE SME platform to NSE Main Board

Sr. No. Name of Securities Date of Migration Price Before Migration (In Rupees) Price as on 31-10-2021 (In Rupees) Growth/Decline (In Rupees) % of Growth/Decline
1. Sikko Industries Limited 22-Oct-21 36.8 49.1 12.3 33.42%
2. Pansari Developers Limited 18-Oct-21 55 73.55 18.55 33.73%
3. Art Nirman Limited 18-Oct-21 31.15 45.8 14.65 47.03%
4. Airo Lam limited 13-Oct-21 83.4 67.8 -15.6 -18.71%
5. Euro India Fresh Foods Limited 12-Oct-21 135 134.5 -0.5 -0.37%
6. Lagnam Spintex Limited 30-Sep-21 42.95 51.9 8.95 20.84%
7. Par Drugs And Chemicals Limited 16-Sep-21 136.1 209.65 73.55 54.04%
8. Shanti Overseas (India) Limited 16-Sep-21 22.7 22.2 -0.5 -2.20%
9. Ganga Forging Limited 06-Jul-21 95.15 16.9 -78.25 -82.24%
10. Hindcon Chemicals Limited 05-Jul-21 39.8 67.1 27.3 68.59%
11. Moksh Ornaments Limited 21-May-21 67.35 34.9 -32.45 -48.18%
12. Ajooni Biotech Limited 07-May-21 42 62.25 20.25 48.21%
13. Tembo Global Industries Limited 23-Apr-21 107.8 300 192.2 178.29%
14. Nitiraj Engineers Limited 22-Apr-21 43.2 46.9 3.7 8.56%
15. Arvee Laboratories (India) Limited 22-Mar-21 43.55 72.95 29.4 67.51%
16. Silgo Retail Limited 03-Mar-21 53.8 34.55 -19.25 -35.78%
17. Iris Clothings Limited 22-Feb-21 59 217.85 158.85 269.24%
18. AKG Exim Limited 16-Feb-21 97.8 40.2 -57.6 -58.90%
19. Rajnandini Metal Limited 16-Feb-21 31.05 156 124.95 402.42%
20. Ahlada Engineers Limited 28-Jan-21 70 147.05 77.05 110.07%
21. Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited 20-Jan-21 92.1 243 150.9 163.84%

Companies Migrated from BSE SME platform to BSE Main Board

Sr. No. Name of Securities Date of Migration Price Before Migration (In Rupees) Price as on 31-10-2021 (In Rupees) Growth/Decline (In Rupees) % of Growth/Decline
1. Vaksons Automobiles Limited 18-Oct-21 45 45.4 0.4 0.89%
2. Anand Rayons Limited 14-Oct-21 113.9 178.5 64.6 56.72%
3. Meera Industries Limited 01-Oct-21 85.1 70.1 -15 -17.63%
4. Earum Pharmacuticals Limited 16-Sep-21 122 70.6 -51.4 -42.13%
5. Nakoda Group of Industries Limited 20-Aug-21 60 112.5 52.5 87.50%
6. Veeram Securities Limited 06-Aug-21 52.05 129.45 77.4 148.70%
7. K.P.I. Global Infrastructure Limited 27-Jul-21 115.2 160.85 45.65 39.63%
8. Manorama Industries Limited 20-Jul-21 1,726.90 1,553.20 -173.7 -10.06%
9. Ashapuri Gold Ornament Limited 16-Jul-21 43.6 62.15 18.55 42.55%
10. Raw Edge Industrial Solutions Limited 12-Jul-21 32.15 34 1.85 5.75%
11. White Organic Retail Limited 30-Jun-21 107.3 156.4 49.1 45.76%
12. Ratnabhumi Developers Limited 30-Jun-21 71.85 63 -8.85 -12.32%
13. S. M. Gold Limited 17-Jun-21 85.6 195.15 109.55 127.98%
14. Anmol India Limited 04-Jun-21 175.25 147.75 -27.5 -15.69%
15. Shubham Polyspin Limited 31-May-21 75.35 133.5 58.15 77.17%
16. Vishal Bearings Limited 31-May-21 27.7 29.15 1.45 5.23%
17. Sharika Enterprises Limited 31-May-21 50.05 9.99 -40.06 -80.04%
18. Sylph Education Solutions Limited 22-Apr-21 11.25 0 -11.25 -100.00%
19. Deep Polymers Limited 12-Mar-21 70.95 261 190.05 267.86%
20. Aditya Vision Limited 15-Jan-21 31.9 829.7 797.8 2500.94%
21. BCPL Railway Infrastructure Limited 04-Jan-21 102.95 48.25 -54.7 -53.13%

Performance of Market Maker as on 31-10-2021

r. No.
Name of Market Maker Subscription by Market Maker (Rs. In Lakhs) Total No. of Companies
1 Aryaman Capital Markets Limited 324.52 4
2 Beeline Broking Limited 114.03 4
3 Gretex Share Broking Private Limited 231.65 3
4 Harjivandas Nemidas Securities Private Limited 25.20 1
5 Hem Finlease Private Limited 474.10 6
6 Intellect Stock Broking Limited 25.84 1
7 Maverick Share Brokers Private Limited 69.12 1
8 New Berry Capitals Private Limited 31.20 1
9 Nikunj Stock Brokers Limited 296.95 9
10 NNM Securities Private Limited 94.64 4
11 Pentagon Stock Brokers Private Limited 117.00 1
12 Rikhav Securities Limited 864.07 5
13 SERNET Financial Services Private Limited 34.56 1
14 Shreni Shares Private Limited 36.88 2
15 Sunflower Broking Private Limited 42.16 1

Performance of Merchant Banker as on 31-10-2021

Sr. No. Name of Merchant Banker Total Fund Raised (Rs. In Crore) Total No. of Companies
1 Aryaman Financial Services limited 66.64 5
2 Beeline Broking Limited 44.94 6
3 Fedex Securities Private Limited 151.93 4
4 Gretex Corporate Services Limited 45.90 3
5 Fast Track Finsec Private Limited 2.37 1
6 Finshore Management Services Limited 31.12 3
7 First Overseas Capital Limited 11.72 2
8 Hem Securities Limited 91.15 6
9 Holani Consultants Private Limited 13.70 1
10 Inventure Merchant Banker Services Private Limited 11.09 2
11 Mark Corporate Advisors Private Limited 4.98 1
12 Navigant Corporate Advisors Limited 7.46 2
13 Pantomath Capital Advisors Private Limited 23.40 1
14 Shreni Shares Private Limited 7.18 2
15 Turnaround Corporate Advisors Private Limited 2.00 1
16 Unistone Capital Private Limited 8.98 2
17 GYR Capital Advisors Limited 3.99 1

State Wise Fund Raise Through SME IPO AS ON 31-10-2021

Exchange wise Fund Raise Through SME IPO AS ON 31-10-2021


This data is prepared based on the offer documents and available market information nothing contain in this data are in violation of any laws, rules, regulation, directive, guideline etc. of any regulatory authority. This newsletter is prepared for the information purpose only nothing contain in this data are intent to any means of invitation to subscribe or invest in the securities of the company. These data and report are subject to copyright in favour of BBL therefore, Reproduction or dissemination, directly or indirectly in any form is prohibited except with the prior written permission of Beeline.

Recipients should not construe any of the contents within the document as advice relating to business, financial, legal, taxation, or investment matters and are advised to consult their own business, financial, legal, taxation and other advisors. This document does not constitute an offer for sale, or an invitation to subscribe for, or purchase equity shares or other assets or securities of any Company and the information contained herein shall not form the basis of any contract.   This document are also not meant to be or to constitute any offer for any transaction.

Past performance is not a guide for future performance, future returns are not guaranteed and investors may suffer losses which may exceed their original capital. The user should consult their own advisors to determine the merits and risks of investment and also read the Risk Disclosure Documents for Capital Markets and Derivative Segments as prescribed by Securities and Exchange Board of India before investing in the Indian Markets.


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    Современные циркуляционные насосы ради систем отопления отличаются высокой эффективностью и низким энергопотреблением – всего несколько ватт во эпоха работы. По сравнению с устаревшими насосами прошлых десятилетий существует громадный потенциал экономии энергии. Именно следовательно стоит заменить старый насос отопления для нынешний высокоэффективный насос, что неоднократно оживленно окупается после счет небольшого энергопотребления. Циркуляционные насосы ради систем отопления доступны в различных исполнениях, которые могут разнствовать по максимальному напору и по резьбе подключения.
    Циркуляционный насос также часто называют тепловым насосом сиречь насосом ради теплого пола. По сути, это одни и те же водяные насосы, однако названы по-разному из-за их применения. В зависимости от области применения и, в частности, присоединительных размеров, у нас вы свободно найдете достойный насос.
    Циркуляционный насос – это насос, обеспечивающий снабжение систем отопления (теплой) водой. Циркуляционный насос дозволено найти в каждом доме либо здании, где ужинать радиаторы и / сиречь полы с подогревом. Когда лупить и теплый пол, и радиаторы, то циркуляционных насосов несколько. В больших домах / зданиях в большинстве случаев также устанавливаются несколько циркуляционных насосов для обеспечения полной циркуляции. Фактически вы можете говорить, сколько циркуляционный насос – это сердце вашей системы центрального отопления или системы теплых полов. Когда центральное отопление alias полы с подогревом не работают разве работают плохо, это многократно связано с циркуляционным насосом, который должен заменить. В зависимости через системы отопления вы можете легко встречать циркуляционный насос следовать передней панелью вашего центрального отопления. Почти во всех случаях размеры насоса, которым обязан отвечать новоявленный циркуляционный насос из нашего ассортимента, указаны на вашем старом насосе. Когда это не так, вы можете свободно встречать марку и серийный часть в таблице обмена . Наши инструкции, приведенные ниже, помогут вам заменить насос отопления.
    Мы выбрали три насоса (центрального) отопления иначе циркуляционные насосы ради нашего ассортимента. Обладая этими тремя размерами, мы можем предложить замену теплового насоса чтобы каждой установки, с через которой вы также напрямую сэкономите на расходах для электроэнергию. Подробнее об этом ниже! Исключая того, заменить циркуляционный насос, насос отопления или насос теплого пола довольно просто. Это экономит затраты на установку. Ознакомьтесь с инструкциями и / иначе видео ниже. Разумеется, вы также можете заказать установку теплового насоса у специалиста. Всетаки для экономии средств рекомендуем поручать циркуляционный насос у нас по конкурентоспособной цене. Тогда вы платите токмо следовать установку у специалиста.

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